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Invisible Structures products can be more attractive than conventional site development. Beautiful, green parking lots and fire lanes; decorative gravel trails and access road;, green roofs; vegetated swales; replacing unsightly detention ponds and more. Please view or download any of the technical data with the links to the right of the screen.


Continuing EducationAIA Continuing Education Learning Units

Invisible Structures sponsor classes for AIA members to earn Learning Unit Credits. Click here for more information.



Gravelpave2 can also provide sustainable dev elopement credits such as LEED™ points. Gravelpave2 can be an attractive way to add rustic or natural appeal to your design and ADA access:


Grasspave2 can provide you with LEED™ points, beautiful grass areas, and multi-functional surfaces that are ADA compliant. Grasspave2 can be used in a host of applications pertaining to architectural design:



Slopetame2 erosion control system can help beautify and protect your site during and after construction. Slopetame2 can provide sustainable credits for your design.


Rainstore3rainstore3portlandstateGravel Pav finished (2)

Rainstore3 underground retention, detention and harvesting system can save on precious space, replace unsightly detention ponds, and provide LEED™ points.



Beachrings2 can get you the temporary access you need over difficult surfaces and reduce your site disturbance for environmental benefits.


Draincore2 high efficiency and strength are perfect for architectural applications and the Green Building industry.


Terratame2Rolled Terratame2

Terratame2 – The easy to install erosion control and scour protection mat.  Protect against erosion, scour, and Terratame2 can be used as a light-duty grass paver.  Size your job and get a quote…