Our Product Line for Homeowner Use

Our product line can add to the aesthetics and performance for homeowners. We can add curb appeal by saving trees, providing grass driveways, fix drainage problems, and more. We recommend installation be done by a Landscape Contractor or Paver Company. If you choose to install our product yourself, please carefully read and understand the Technical Specifications for that product.

Gravelpave2 gravel porous paver driveway for Homeowners

Gravelpave2 for Homeowners

Like Grasspave2, Gravelpave2 is great for residential driveways. Gravelpave2 can withstand unlimited traffic frequency at low speeds. Installations should be less than 5% slope per most Fire District regulations.

  • Porous Gravel Driveway
  • Recreational Vehicle Parking and Access
  • Boat Ramps, Parking and Access
  • Barn and Shed Access
  • Horse Walkers
  • Patios

Grass paver driveway for homeowners

Grasspave2, Grass Paver for Homeowners

Grass driveways are perfect for homeowners who make five (5) or LESS passes per day. Grasspave2 can support turf for many applications. Installations should be less than 5% slope per most Fire District regulations.

  • Grass Driveway
  • Recreational Vehicle Parking and Access
  • Boat Parking and Access
  • Guest Parking Area
  • Barn and Shed Access
  • Invisible Driveways and Roads

Reinforced swale for Residential development

Slopetame2, Erosion Control for Homeowners

Slopetame2 can protect and beautify your residence. Stop erosion, protect your creek bed or pond shoreline, and more. Easy to install and maintain.

  • Hillside Protection – up to 1:1
  • Stream Bed and Creek Protection
  • Shoreline Protection

Snow and mud access for wheelchairs for homeowners

Beachrings2, Access Mats for Homeowners

Easily travel over mud, sand, dirt, grass, and shallow snow. You can use Beachring2 over these surfaces to provide temporary access for family, light traffic and guests.

  • Access Over Sand, Mud, Shallow Snow
  • Temporary Light Vehicle Road
  • Temporary Patio

Stormwater detention under a driveway for homeowners

Rainstore3, Underground Stormwater Storage for Homeowners

Rainstore3 can be used in residential applications for water harvesting, downspout capture, and in rain gardens. We DO NOT recommend homeowners attempt installation of Rainstore3 – please hire a qualified Landscape Contractor, Excavating and Pipe Company, or similar.

  • Water Harvesting
  • Downspout Capture
  • Rain Gardens

Greenroof parking and drainage for homeowners

Draincore2, Drainage for Homeowners

Draincore2 installs in less than one-third the time of pipe (french drain) systems. Draincore2 can whisk water away or hold water depending on your application.

  • Planter Drainage
  • Roof Drip Line Mitigation
  • Foundation Drainage (professional installation)
  • Green Roofs (professional installation)
  • Pet and Animal Area Drainage

 Temporary and permanent grass reinforcement for homeowners

Terratame2, Ground Reinforcement for Homeowners

Terratame2 is a cost-effective way combat erosion, provide grass parking or grass road protection, and adds beauty to any home.

  • “Cow-Path” Pedestrian Access Protection
  • Recreational Vehicle Parking and Access
  • Boat Access to Lakes
  • Hillside Protection
  • Creekbed Erosion Control
  • Scour Protection