Parks, Recreation, Golf, and Sports Industry Information

Our product line can help with drainage, maintenance, aesthetics, performance, and visitor comfort at your sports field, golf course, park or stadium.



Controlling erosion, preventing rutting, remaining porous, providing wheelchair access (ADA), and looking great are benefits of Gravelpave2. Gravelpave2’s attached filter fabric backing prevents “popping-up,” common to competitors.

  • Horse, Bike, and Pedestrian Trails
  • Golf Cart Paths and Washing Areas
  • Gravel Parking Lots
  • Picnic Areas
  • Boat Ramps



Draincore2’s high strength (2100 psi), high water flow capacity, low cross-section (one-inch high), and flexibility, all combine for a highly effective drainage composite layer for the sports, golf, and park and recreation industries.

Beachrings2 at beach


Beachrings2 mats can get you the temporary access you need over difficult surfaces and provide wheelchair, stroller, pedestrian and light vehicle access. Beachring2 has been providing equal access since 1986.

  • Beach Access
  • Temporary Light Vehicle Access
  • Pedestrian Traffic Flow Control
  • Wheelchair Access over Sand, Mud, Shallow Snow and Grass



Provide grass surfaces instead of asphalt or concrete for a more beautiful and functional area. Grasspave2 can replace hard surfacing in most cases for the recreation industry. Grasspave2 also provides ADA wheelchair access.

  • Grass Parking Lots
  • Golf Cart Paths
  • Access Roads
  • Pedestrian Areas and Festival Sites
  • Road Shoulder Protection and Parking



Reuse of rainwater for landscaping and sports field irrigation is a long-term cost saving measure. Rainstore3 can hold your water in the wet months for use in the dry season.

  • Gray Water Reuse
  • Irrigation Savings
  • Rain Gardens
  • Large Centralized Chambers or
  • Several Smaller Localized Chambers



Slopetame2 erosion control system can help beautify and protect your site during and after construction. Slopetame2 can provide sustainable credits for your design.

  • Hillside Protection
  • Trail Reinforcement
  • Shoreline Protection
  • Bank and Channel Protection
  • Scour Protection