Residence, Cleveland, Texas

Project Name: Residence

Product: Grasspave2 reinforced grass driveway

Application: “Green” Driveway

City: Cleveland

State/Province: Texas

Install Date: April 2007

Install Size: Approx. 100 m2 (1100 sq ft)

Address: 807 N. San Jacinto Avenue Cleveland, TX 77327

Client: Allen Residence

Designer: Kevin Allen, homeowner

Contractor: Kevin Allen, homeowner

Directions: 807 N. San Jacinto Avenue Cleveland, TX 77327

Location: Main driveway beginning after visible pavers to the garage.

Photography: Kevin Allen, 2007

Summary: Dear Grasspave, We built a new garage and wanted something besides a concrete driveway and grasspave was the solution. We have had our driveway down for about two months now and love it so far. We live north of Houston and used Empire Zoysia and it seems to be working great. I have attached a picture just for reference. The grasspave starts after the line of paver stone and covers up to the pavers in front of each car stall. We still have a bit of landscaping, but it will give you an idea of what we have done so farMany people have been very interested in what we have done. I keep a small piece of the mesh just so I can show what “grasspave” is. Thank you for the great product Regards, Kevin W. Allen

The Grasspave2 starts after the visible pavers and extends to the two car garage – curving and expanding to the left.
Excavating begins. “The garage itself was about 10 inches off the ground so we had to add quite a bit of dirt before starting.”
Compacting the sandy gravel base course.
Compacting the sandy gravel base course.
Installing the Grasspave2 rolls over the base course and cutting to fit around the curves.
The concrete sand is in the rings (awaiting grass).