Gravelpave2 swale

Acton / Aqua Dulce Public Library, Acton, CA

Project Name: Acton / Aqua Dulce Public Library

Products: Rainstore3 and Gravelpave2

Applications: Underground Stormwater Detention (Rainstore3) and Porous Paving Parking (Gravelpave2)

City: Acton

State/Province: California

Install Date: March 2009

Client: County of Los Angeles Library

Install Size: 2880 Units, Rainstore3; 450 sq meters (4,800 sq ft), Gravelpave2

Address: 33792 Crown Valley Rd. Acton, CA 93510

Designer:  URS Cash & Associates, TetraDesign

Contractor: Morrissey Construction

Directions: 33792 Crown Valley Rd. Acton, CA 93510

Photography:  Al Green, Gersen Co. (2016)

Summary: The designers of the library have Gravelpave2 porous pavement infiltrating into an underground Rainstore3 detention system.  The surface water from the surrounding impermeable pavement is directed toward the Gravelpave2 parking area and swale and then passes through the cross-section to the Rainstore3 chamber underneath.

Gravelpave2 parking over Rainstore3
The Gravelpave2 parking area receives runoff from the adjacent asphalt drive aisle.
Gravelpave2 swale
The Gravelpave2 swale area between the parking bays, also functions as an infiltration vehicle to the Rainstore3 below.
Gravelpave2 and Rainstore3 detention systems
Gravelpave2 parking area infiltrates into the Rainstore3 detention systems below.