Cell Tower Access Road, Norton, Massachusetts

Project Name: Cell Tower Access Road

Products: Gravelpave2

Applications:  Road Reinforcement

City: Norton

State/Province: Massachusetts

Install Date:  December 2015

Client: NA

Install Size: 230 sq meters (2,460 sq ft)

Address: NA

Designer:  NA

Contractor: CVS Foundations, LLC


Photography:  Ralph Morgan, NECR

Summary: Custom sizing model 2520 to achieve the needed dimensions for this access road was easily accomplished.  Workers joined one full 2520 roll (8.2 ft/ 2.5 m) and a 1/2 cut roll (4.1 ft/ 1.25m) together to create a total width of 12.3 ft (3.75 m) with an approximate length of 200 ft.

The base course has been placed and compacted. Workers being unrolling and anchoring the black Gravelpave2.
Anchors are hammered through Gravelpave2 and into the base course.
A view of the 200 foot long access road to the cell tower.
Gravelpave2 will provide the road erosion control and mitigate rutting.
Another view of the access road.