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Chateau Waters Senior Housing, Sartell, MN

Project Name: Chateau Waters Senior Housing Products: Gravelpave2 Applications: Trail widening for fire lane / emergency access City: Sartell State/Province: ...
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Residential Driveway, Saint John, U.S. Virgin Islands

Project Name: Residential Driveway Products: Gravelpave2 Applications: Porous gravel paver driveway City: Saint John State/Province: Install Date: June 2014 Client: ...
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Disc Golf Tee Pads, Charleston, SC

Project Name: Disc Golf Tee Pads (Boxes) Products: Terratame2 Applications: Grass protection and erosion control City: Charleston State/Province: South Carolina ...
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Water Garden Office Park LEED® Gold, Santa Monica, CA

Project Name: Water Garden Products: Rainstore3 Applications: Underground Water Harvesting  City: Santa Monica State/Province: California Install Date: Summer 2016 Client: Water Garden ...
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Bay Area Ridge Trail, Glen Cove, Vallejo, CA

Project Name: Bay Area Ridge Trail Products: Gravelpave2 Applications:  Trail Reinforcement City: Vallejo State/Province: California Install Date:  March 2012 Client: University of Hawaii Install Size: 2,250 sq ...
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Private Residence, Half Moon Bay, CA

Project Name: Private Residence Products: Rainstore3 Applications:  Water Harvesting for Landscaping City: Half Moon Bay State/Province: California Install Date:  June 2013 Client: Private Install Size: 80 Units (8 ...
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University of Hawaii – Andrews Amphitheater. Honolulu, HI

Project Name: University of Hawaii - Andrews Amphitheater Products: Terratame2 Applications:  Grass Stabiliazation City: Honolulu State/Province: Hawaii Install Date:  May 2016 Client: University of Hawaii Install Size: 40 sq ...
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Ohlone College, Fremont, CA

Project Name: Ohlone College Products: Gravelpave2 Applications: Sidewalk Stabilization and Erosion Control City: Fremont State/Province: California Install Date: June 2015 Client: Ohlone Community ...
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Pentair Thermal, Redwood City, CA

Project Name: Pentair Thermal Management Products: Gravelpave2 Applications: Parking Lot Stabilization City: Redwood City State/Province: California Install Date: March 2016 Client: Pentair Thermal Management Install ...
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Gravelpave2 swale

Acton / Aqua Dulce Public Library, Acton, CA

Project Name: Acton / Aqua Dulce Public Library Products: Rainstore3 and Gravelpave2 Applications: Underground Stormwater Detention (Rainstore3) and Porous Paving Parking ...
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