The Point in Patterson Heights, Calgary, Alberta

Terratame2 Swale Protection Patterson

Terratame2 was used for swale reinforcement erosion control.

Patterson Heights swale erosion control

Terratame2 flexes with the contours of the swale and ground on site.

Swale erosion control with Terratame2

320 square meters (3500 sq ft) of Terratame2 was used on site.

Terratame2 rolls

Each roll was connected to the adjacent roll with u-shaped landscape pins. Pinning is recommended at 250 pins per roll (model 2020 – 2 meters by 20 meters / 6.6 ft by 65.6 ft).

Project Name: The Point in Patterson Heights

Products: Terratame2

Applications:  Swale Reinforcement Erosion Control

City: Calgary

State/Province: Alberta

Install Date:  October 2014

Client: QuinnCorp Holdings

Install Size: 320 sq meters (3500 sq ft)

Address: 565 Patterson Grove SW, Calgary, AB 

Designer:  Brock-White and Eric Richoz

Contractor: QuinnCorp Developments

Directions: 565 Patterson Grove SW, Calgary, AB 

Photography:  Eric Richoz

Summary: Our first North American and Canadian Terratame2 Installation.  Mr. Richoz presented Terratame2 as a viable alternative to turf reinforcement mats and scour protection (hard) mats.  The low-cost and attractive solution sold the QuinnCorp Holdings Corp.  The model 2020 rolls (2 meters by 20 meters / 6.6 ft by 65.6 ft) were perfect for this applications.  

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Aquaponics Greenhouse Garden – San Bernadino County Museum, Redlands, CA

Gravelpave2 Flooring

Volunteers anchor Gravelpave2 to the ground.

Gravelpave2 Greenhouse Flooring

Gravelpave2 will provide a firm floor surface for the greenhouse.

Gravelpave2 flooring

Approximately 200 sq ft of Gravelpave2 was used throughout the Greenhouse.

Leveling the sub base.

Prior to Gravelpave2 installation, the ground was leveled.

Gravelpave2 Rolls

Two rolls of Gravelpave2 were donated to the project. Veterans will work the food producing greenhouse while adjusting back to civilian life.

Project Name: Aquaponics Greenhouse Garden – San Bernadino County Museum

Products: Gravelpave2

Applications:  Flooring for Greenhouse 

City: Redlands

State/Province: California

Install Date:  June 2014

Client: Incredible Edible Community Garden Greenhouse Project, San Bernadino County Museum

Install Size: 20 sq meters (216 sq ft)

Address: 2024 Orange Tree Lane, Redlands, Ca 92374-4560

Designer:  Architect Anthony Palmisano

Contractor: Volunteers for the project

Directions: 2024 Orange Tree Lane, Redlands, Ca 92374-4560

Photography:  Anthony Palmisano

Summary: From Architect Anthony Palmisano: “…the project is the construction of a greenhouse to house an aquaponics system, including fish tanks and planting beds, at the San Bernardino County Museum. The greenhouse and the aquaponics system will serve as functioning exhibit of aquaponics at the museum, as well as the first project undertaken jointly by IECG and the veterans organization Serving Proud Industries (SPI). We would love to use Gravelpave[2] inside the greenhouse to provide a stable surface for both the work of maintaining the system, and the visitor traffic as a result of this project being an exhibit at the museum. The area inside the greenhouse is 288 square feet, and the area we would use your product of approximately 200 square feet. The entire project is volunteer built..”

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“Murrieta Diamond” Interstate Interchange, Murietta, CA

Murrieta Slopetame2

Slopetame2 surrounds the “Murrieta Diamond” under construction.

Murrieta Slopetame2

Workers cut and place sections of Slopetame2 around the image/sculpture.

Murrieta Slopetame2 installation

Long rolls of Slopetame2 make for quick installation.

Murrieta Slopetame2 installation

Workers adjust the fabric backing between rolls of Slopetame2.

Murrieta Slopetame2 installation.

Model 2020 rolls (6.6ft x 65.6 ft) of Slopetame2 were installed at the site.

Anchoring the Slopetame2

A worker installs the anchoring system for Slopetame2.

Murrieta Slopetame2 Installation.

Prior to installation, the “Murrieta Diamond” shape is sprayed on the embankment.

Project Name: “Murrieta Diamond” Insterstate Interchange

Products: Slopetame2

Applications:  Erosion control

City: Murrieta

State/Province: California

Install Date:  May 2014

Client: Caltrans, California Department of Transportation and the City of Murrieta, CA.

Install Size: 3480 sq meters (37,400 sq ft)

Address: The interchange at I-215 and Los Alamos Rd

Designer: Caltrans with the City of Murrieta.

Contractor: Yakar, Inc

Directions: The interchange at I-215 and Los Alamos Rd

Location: Northwest section of the interchange.  Viewed from the I-215 south bound off ramp.

Photography:  Rick Leone, Thompson Construction

Summary: Caltrans and the City of Murrieta partnered to improve the interstate interchange at I-215 and Los Alamos Rd in Murrieta.  Part of the improvement was to make the interchange more attractive and brand it more to the city.  The City’s signature emblem is the Diamond.

Decorative stones and vegetation will be installed in the Slopetame2 areas.

Slopetame2 won out in a competitive contest among other products for the following reasons:

• Slopetame2′s fabric backing is injection molded to the grid, not glued on.

• Slopetame2 flexes in both directions – laterally and horizontally.

• Slopetame2 structure is low-profile leading to less stone fill.

• Slopetame2 has erosion control bars every third row between rings to help minimize stone movement.




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Auto Show Track Demonstration Pond, Chicago, IL

Gravelpave2 for pond support

The finished demonstration track shows a truck entering the Gravelpave2 supported pond.

Gravelpave2 demonstration track

Workers begin to line the pond with Gravelpave2 filled with rocks and dirt.

Gravelpave2 pond liner

Nearly finished, the pond is ready for water and rocks to hide the membrane liner.

Gravelpave2 pond lining for traction

Preparation for other areas in the track. The Gravelpave2 lined pond is in the background.

Gravelpave2 pond

A view of the incline to the pond.

Gravelpave2 demonstration track.

The off road demonstration track is ready for the show to open.

Gravelpave2 toyota demonstration track

The rocks and gravel hide the working components of the pond – the liner and the Gravelpave2.

Project Name: Auto Show Track Demonstration Pond

Products: Gravelpave2

Applications:  Auto/Truck track and pond erosion protection – demonstration

City: Chicago

State/Province: Illinois

Install Date:  February 2014

Client: Christy Webber Landcapes for on behalf of the Automobile Manufacturer

Install Size:  20 sq meters (216 sq ft)

Address: McCormick Place • 2301 S. Lake Shore Drive • Chicago, Illinois 60616

Designer: Complete Pond Design – Christy Webber Landcapes

Contractor: Chisty Webber Landcapes

Directions: No Longer Installed – Demonstration Piece

Location: No Longer Installed – Demonstration Piece

Photography:  Christy Webber, Christy Webber Landscapes and Ted Dzierzbicki, Engineered Earth Systems

Summary: Christy Webber Landscapes had the task of creating and installing the off road truck course at the Chicago Auto Show.  The course was required to feature a pond for trucks to drive through. A membrane liner for the water feature would require protection from being punctured, a product that would support the weight of the vehicles, and a product to prevent cover materials from moving to the bottom of the pond/water feature during vehicle passes.  Gravelpave2 was selected for these purposes, delivered on its promises, and held up great. 

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Athletic Practice Fields, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA

Rainstore3 system.

The Rainstore3 units are placed in the fabric / membrane / fabric wrap. Notice the two different depths of the systems.

Tulane Rainstore3

Geotextile fabric is placed above the prepared excavation.

Tulane Rainstore3 install

The first layer of geotextile fabric encases the Rainstore3 units.

Tulane University detention system

Backfill material is placed and compacted on the sides of the Rainstore3 chamber. Then, cover material can be placed.

Rainstore3 detention system

Twelve inches of cover on top of completed unit. A layer of rock and then the turf field will be placed next.

Tulane Rainstore3 install

Completed surface for the artificial turf practice field on Rainstore3.

Rainstore3 at Tulane University

Barney Mintz Practice Field Sign.

Project Name: Athletic Practice Fields, Tulane University

Products: Rainstore3

Applications:  Stormwater Detention System

City: New Orleans

State/Province: Louisiana

Install Date:  May 2014

Client: Tulane University

Install Size:  14,286 Rainstore3 units

Address: 6506 S. Claiborne Ave

Designer: Gould Evans Associates and Lee Ledbetter & Associates

Contractor: Woodward Design Build – General Contractor.  Durr Heavy Duty Construction (sub) for the Rainstore3 installation.

Directions: 6506 S. Claiborne Ave

Location: Athletic Practice Fields

Photography:  Roger Tadlock, MKM Sales, 2014

Summary: Dealing with the high water table is problematic for Tulane Univeristy and all of New Orleans.  Designers from Gould Evans Associates and Lee Ledbetter & Associates needed a way to store the site’s runoff from stormwater while maximizing the limited area for an athletic practice field.  Rainstore3 was chosen for the detention system in one chamber with two heights: one section at 5 units high (50cm) and the other area at 7 units high (70cm).  

Precautions had to be made in the design of the system as the water table will exert upward force on the chambers at different times.  Designer ended up wrapping nearly all of the sides of the chamber (leaving the top for infiltration) with a impermeable membrane.  Calculations were made to see how buoyant this made the Rainstore3 system.  Then designers could counteract the upward buoyancy pressure with static pressure from the cover material and athletic field surface turf preventing the system from “floating” or popping up.

The chamber is capable of holding 1428 cubic meters (50,000 cu ft) of stormwater. 

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Hart Building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Hart building porous parking

Black Gravelpave2 was filled with gray gravel for a nicely finished look.

Permeable parking at the Hart Building OKC

The concrete drive aisles sheet flow rainwater to the porous Gravelpave2. This limits the need for other stormwater treatments and devices on site.


Gravelpave2 parking at the Hart Building

The drive aisles of the parking lot sheet flow to the Gravelpave2 parking bays.

Project Name: Hart Building

Products: Gravelpave2

Applications:  Parking lot

City: Oklahoma City

State/Province: Oklahoma

Install Date:  January 2013

Client: NA

Install Size:  2,800 m2 (30,100 sf)

Address: 720 W. Sheridan

Designer: Hocker Group

Contractor: Bishop Paving, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,  Owner Jason Bishop

Directions: 720 W. Sheridan

Location: Parking lot

Photography:  Roger Tadlock, MKM Sales, 2014

Summary: 70 rolls of model 2020, Black Gravelpave2 topped off with a complementary gray gravel, make a great addition to the Hart Building. Hocker Group Architects were looking for a porous parking solution for the redevelopment.   Gravelpave2 parking bays are accessed via the concrete aisles.

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Miami Museum of Art / Perez Art Museum Miami, Miami, FL

Gravelpave2 parking structure

Curb stops and embedded concrete strips help delineate the parking spots in the Gravelpave2 parking structure.

Parking structure with Gravelpave2

The Gravelpave2 porous paving system is flanked by some concrete pads and strips for aesthetic purposes and to provide non-gravel areas for visitors who prefer them.

Painted directional arrows on concrete in Gravelpave2

Painted concrete pads are embedded flush with the Gravelpave2 system to aid in parking.

Gravelpave2 courtyard at the Miami Museum of Art

Gravelpave2 also provides a courtyard area outside the Museum for visitors to enjoy the view of the water.

Gravelpave2 porous courtyard.

The view looking towards the Museum shows the Gravelpave2 courtyard.

Gravelpave2 sculpture trail

Gravelpave2 also provides an ADA accessible trail for the outdoor portion of the Museum’s scupture garden.

Sculpture garden trail at the Miami Museum of Art

Visitors can enjoy the sculpture garden via a Gravelpave2 trail.

Project Name: Miami Museum of Art / Perez Art Museum Miami – PAMM

Products: Gravelpave2

Applications:  Parking garage, sculpture garden trail, and courtyard

City: Miami

State/Province: Florida

Install Date:  December 2013

Client: Perez Art Museum of Miami

Install Size:  7200 m2 (77,100 sf)

Address: 101 West Flagler Street, Miami, Florida, 33130

Designer: Herzog and de Meuron, Arquitectonica Geo (Gravelapve2)

Contractor: NA

Directions: 101 West Flagler Street, Miami, Florida, 33130

Location: Parking garage, sculpture trail, and bayside courtyard

Photography:  Joanne Gulliksen, Rep Services, 2014

Summary: Designer Jeremy Calleros Gauger,  Senior Associate at Arquitectonica Geo, was committed to providing a unique experience to visitors from the moment the step foot at the Museum.  This meant they would have a tactile and visually appealing experience immediately when walking into the facility from the parking structure.  He chose Gravelpave2 to give visitors that feeling.  The sound and texture of Gravelpave2 matches the facade of the structure of the Museum.

The parking structure has open canopies in the roof to let light in.  The opening also allow for rain water to hit the parking structure floor.  The other added benefit to Gravelpave2 is the porosity.  The rainwater is allowed to filter through the drivable Gravelpave2 system.

Designers also chose Gravelpave2 as an ADA surface for the trails around the sculpture garden.  Gravelpave2 is stable and slip resistant for wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and more.

Gravelpave2 was also used in the courtyard area overlooking the bay.  Visitors can decent the staircase onto the Gravelpave2 surface and enjoy the view of the bay.  

The gravel fill was imported from outside Florida to match the texture and feel of the Museum structure.  Several colors of granite gravel were mixed to get the correct composition in the gray Gravelpave2.

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Residential Ribbon Driveway, Green Hills (Nashville), TN

Ribbon Driveway

The completed driveway at the residence.

Gravelpave2 ribbon driveway

Grasspave2 strips and the Gravelpave2 strips are being cut and placed on the base course.

Interlocking ribbon driveway

Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 are interlocking to help maintain a strong installation.

Ribbon ("California") driveway

Sand is being placed into the Grasspave2 portion of the ribbon driveway.

ribbon driveway with Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 porous paving

Sod is placed on top of the sand filled Grasspave2 rings. The Gravelpave2 strips will be filled with gravel.

New take on the ribbon driveway

The driveway is completed with the Gravelpave2 rings filled with the decorative gravel.

Project Name: Residential Ribbon Driveway

Products: Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2

Applications:  Porous Driveway

City: Green Hills (Nashville)

State/Province: Tennessee

Install Date:  Decenber 2013

Client: Brad and Rhonda Pray

Install Size:  200 m2 (2,100 sf)

Address: 1132 Lipscomb Drive, Nashville

Designer: Pervious Paving Solutions and Transplants, Inc.

Contractor: Transplants, Inc

Directions: 1132 Lipscomb Drive, Nashville

Location: Driveway to the residence

Photography:  Matt Monroe, Transplants, Inc.

Summary: The customers wanted to replace their old asphalt driveway with something that was more aesthetically appealing and environmentally friendly.  They are very happy with the end result.

The driveway is a play on the old style “Ribbon Driveway” (aka California driveway) where two tire strips of concrete were placed inside a grass area.  Here, the whole driveway is drivable, and porous, with support from Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2.

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Wake Technical College Parking Garage – LEED™ Certified, Raleigh, NC

The completed fire lane with Grassapve2.

The completed fire lane with Grassapve2.

Sod is the quickest way to achieve 100% grass coverage.

Sod is the quickest way to achieve 100% grass coverage.

Grasspave2 adds to the LEED certification at the Wake Tech Northern campus.

Grasspave2 adds to the LEED certification at the Wake Tech Northern campus.

The base course is prepared and ready for Grasspave2.

The base course is prepared and ready for Grasspave2.

Easy to install Grasspave2 is ready for installation atop the prepared base course.

Easy to install Grasspave2 is ready for installation atop the prepared base course.

Project Name: Wake Technical Community College

Products: Grasspave2

Applications:  Grass fire lane

City: Raleigh

State/Province: North Carolina

Install Date:  July 2013

Client: Wake Technical Community College

Install Size:  7600 m2 (81,808 sf)

Address: 6600 Louisburg Road, Raleigh, NC.

Designer: O’Brien/Atkins Associates

Contractor: NA

Directions: 6600 Louisburg Road, Raleigh, NC.

Location:  Grasspave2 in on both sides of the parking garage

Photography:  Andy Gerberich, GETSco

Summary: Northern Wake has the distinction of being the first college campus in the nation to be certified all-LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) by the U.S. Green Building Council. 

Grasspave2 adds to the environmental benefits of the newly constructed parking garage.  Grasspave2 was chosen for it’s 100% recycled content, urban heat island mitigation properties, stormwater management (porous paving), and its attractiveness.

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Sound Transit Station

Rainstore3 detention system

A chamber of Rainstore3 is enclosed in geotextile fabric (foreground) and stacks of Rainstore3 ready to be placed (background).

Pipe and storage chamber

Pipes lead to the storage chambers and are easily interfaced with the system.

Excavation of chamber

One chamber is excavated and ready for the Rainstore3 system.

Access ports are visible on the covered Rainstore3 chambers.

Access ports are visible on the covered Rainstore3 chambers.

Project Name: Sound Transit Station

Products: Rainstore3

Applications:  Stromwater Detention Tank

Install Date:  Various Dates

Client: Sound Transit, Amtrak, and Grants from other agencies

Install Size:  1,976 m3 (19,762 units) to hold 65,600 cf/490,000 gals

Designer: Tetra Tech 

Contractor: NA

Location:  Adjacent the parking lot

Photography:  Gersen Co.

Summary: The existing Sound Transit Rail Station was due for renovation.  Originally designed as a temporary structure, the wooden train platform was transformed into a permeant, $46 million concrete structure.  Renovation included 390 parking bays,  bicycle storage, buses transfer area, covered waiting, pedestrian plaza, and public art.

Rainstore3 was designed in to hold the stormwater runoff from all the impermeable surfaces including parking, platforms, and roofs.   11 individual beds (chambers) of Rainstore3 detention systems were used.  Each bed consisted of stacks of 7 unit-high (0.7 meters, 2.3 ft) Rainstore3 in varying layout configurations.


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