Springhill College Golf Course, Mobile, Alabama

Project Name: Springhill College Golf Course

Products: Grasspave2 reinforced grass cart path and Draincore2 drainage layer

Applications: Cart Path and Building Drip Line

City: Mobile

State/Province: Alabama

Install Date: 1999

Install Size: 100m2 (1080 sq ft) Grasspave2 and 40m2 (440 sq ft) Draincore2

Address: 4000 Dauphin Street, Mobile, AL 36608-1780

Client: Springhill Golf Course

Designer: Springhill Superintendent. The course was designed and built buy T.A. Buckhaults in 1930.

Contractor: Springhill staff

Directions: From I-65, take Exit 4 (Dauphin St) and drive W for approximately 500 yards and look for the course on the right.

Location: At the ends of some cart paths and around the building perimeter as a drip line reinforcement.

Photography: Vicki Bohnhoff, 1999

Summary: To prevent rainwater from creating a worn rut around the perimeter of the golf club house, DC2 was used to stabilize the turf and allow the water to pass through the filter fabric without causing any erosion. The cart path ends where the hard surface met the grass was reinforced with GP2 to prevent compaction and bare dirt areas. The turf rooted very quickly into the sand filled rings.

View of cart path reinforced with GP2 to prevent compaction and bare dirt spots.

A longer view of the same area where GP2 was used for the cart path.

This is another location where the GP2 was used in the grass at the end of the concrete path. You can see it looks really nice and the grass is healthy.

The long roots show how deeply the grass grew in the sand filled rings in just a few weeks.

Now the club house has a very nice well-manicured grass border around the perimeter. There is no erosion from the roof stormwater. This is a simple solution to making a design look high quality.

Even the shady side of the building looks excellent with grass growing nicely in the drip line area.

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