Ramsey Residence, Brookville, Ohio

Project Name: Ramsey Residence

Product: Grasspave2 permeable driveway

Application: Residential Driveway

City: Brookville

State/Province: Ohio

Install Date: May 2001

Install Size: 60 m2 (646 sq ft)

Address: Unpublished

Client: Ramsey

Designer: Teri Slick 513-651-0282, Architect and daughter

Contractor: NA

Directions: Unpublished

Location: Driveway beyond the house to the detached garage

Photography: Vicki Bohnhoff, August 2002

Summary: One of the owner’s main questions was “who has done this before and where can I go to see it”, so she hopes that seeing these pictures will help others decide to do this. They built their home eight years ago and put in the GP2 grass driveway to the back detached garage a six years ago. They give it lots of water and care so that it looks just like the rest of their lawn. “It’s very nice, despite the draught we’re having here.” The nearest job that they could find was for a car dealership south of Dayton and that was done in concrete block. They didn’t want the concrete to show, so they went with our invisible product.

View of house from the street shows a two-car garage in the front part of the house, and the detached garage at the back.

From the end of the concrete looking toward the detached garage there is a Grasspave2 driveway which is greener than the surrounding turf. The two light spots in the center of the photo are flush markers to indicate the right edge of drive while the left is close to the a/c.

It is easier to see the Grasspave2 very green driveway from the detached garage looking back toward the concrete pad shown above.

Looking across the drive toward the back of the house, you can see some flush markers indicating the edge of the drive.

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