Riddle Village Retirement Community, Media, Pennsylvania

Project Name: Riddle Village Retirement Community

Product: Grasspave2 turf reinforcement mat

Application: Fire Lane

City: Media

State/Province: Pennsylvania

Install Date: September 1995

Install Size: 1010 m2 (10,872 sq ft)

Address: 1068 West Baltimore Pike, Media, PA  19063

Client: Riddle Hospital

Designer: NA

Contractor: Caramanico Landscaping, 675 Beatty Road, Springfield, PA  19064

Directions: Hwy 1 to Riddle Memorial Hospital, enter at main sign, (across the street from Granite Run Mall) take an immediate left to the Village, drive around to the back side of the complex.

Location: Fire lane starts from drive that goes underneath a 12’-6” overhead walkway and into a parking garage. The GP2 fire lane goes into the inner courtyard from the cut curb to the shuffleboard and also toward the curved hard surface upward path to the right.

Photography: Vicki Bohnhoff, October 2003

Summary: The retirement facility is built in a box shape with an inner courtyard which has emergency fire lane access via a lane in the back that goes underneath a walkover and over grass landscaping. This area is well maintained and probably has an irrigation system. Grasspave2 contributes to the park like appearance and yet provides concealed fire safety access. For comparison of grass paving systems, next door the Riddle Hospital has a Grasscrete emergency lane from Hwy 1 into the parking lot on the west end.

Back entrance to the fire lane goes underneath this overhead walkway that connects the building wings making a complete box shape with a large interior courtyard where the GP2 fire lane is located.

This is the GP2 grass fire lane that starts from the high drive opening underneath the overhead walkway. This is also the location of the underground parking garage to the left.

Heading back into the center of the courtyard the GP2 fire lane continues in two directions, one off into the distance and the other up the ramp to the right of the center tree.

Here you can see both directions of the Y-two-direction fire lane. The GP2 is the entire grass area in this photo and the edges along the ramp to the right.

The lower Y GP2 fire lane continues between the sidewalk and the shuffle board court.

Another view from standing on the shuffle board court looking back toward the entrance. There is a lot of reinforced grass here and it looks beautifully maintained. Having been installed in 1995, this GP2 site is eight years old at the time of this photo.

View of building and grounds.

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