PA Dept. of Environmental Protection’s Cambria Office LEED™ 2 Gold Winner, Ebensburg, Pennsylvania

Project Name: PA Dept. of Environmental Protection’s Cambria Office LEED™ 2 Gold Winner

Product: Gravelpave2 porous parking lot

Application: Parking Lot

City: Edensburg

State/Province: Pennsylvania

Install Date: October 2000

Install Size: 920 m2 (9,900 sq ft)

Address: 286 Industrial Park Rd. Ebensburg, PA  15931

Client: Owned by Miller Brothers Construction, Inc., Corporation

Designer: John Boecker, AIA; Kulp Boecker Architects, P.C. Architect

Contractor: Miller Bros. Construction, Inc. Contractor (Design-build contractor/owner)

Directions: 286 Industrial Park Rd. Ebensburg, PA  15931

Location: Parking bays for staff.

Photography: Vicki Bohnhoff, 2002

Summary: The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s second green office building, Cambria, has more green features and a higher level of environmental awareness than PA DEP’s first building—the South Central Regional Office Building. This 36,000 ft2 facility, designed for approximately 125 occupants, has collected data and documented many facets of its green design initiatives. The parking areas utilize grass planting pervious parking surfacing in order to minimize stormwater runoff. Impervious paving is limited to circulation aisles. Previously existing wetlands are not impacted by Cambria’s stormwater design and they also created new wetlands. Gravelpave2 and other stormwater techniques, deliver no net increase of stormwater run-off. It also helps with heat island mitigation. Gravelpave2 is made from recycled content in both the HDPE plastic and the geotextile filter fabric. Congratulations to the Cambria Branch of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and thanks for using ISI products!

Gravelpave2 meets the asphalt aisles.

Native vegetation meets the Gravelpave2 surface.

View of parking lot.

Sign for the DEP with the building in the background.

Sheeting from the hard surface goes to the Gravelpave2. Gravelpave2 works as a swale, capturing and infiltrating the water before it reaches the wetland.

Close-up view of the Gravelpave2 meeting the existing vegetation.

Another view showing how water percolates faster through the Gravelpave2 than even the natural soil.

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