Rainstore3 Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Rainstore3?

Rainstore3 is a plastic structure used to store water underground. It is commonly used under parking lots as an "underground pond" to hold rainwater during and after a storm.

What are the common applications of Rainstore3?

The water either percolates into the ground (retention) or is allowed to leave Rainstore3 at a controlled rate (detention). It may also be used to hold rainwater for use at a later time for such uses as irrigation (water harvesting).

What are the product dimensions?

The basic Rainstore3 part is a square 40 inches (1 meter) x 40 inches (1 meter) x 4 inches (0.1 meter). These basic units may be stacked to form cells at any depth between 4 inches (0.1 meters) and 7.9 feet (2.4 meters). These cells are placed side by side to create storage volumes any length or width (in 1 meter increments).

How strong is Rainstore3?

Rainstore3 has been laboratory and field tested to H-20 loading (bridge loading).

How much water does Rainstore3 hold?

Rainstore3 is 94% void area so each cubic meter of Rainstore3 holds 250 gallons. One unit holds nearly 25 gallons.

Why is Rainstore3 better than competitive products such as pipe or arched chambers?

Rainstore3 has the advantages of being virtually any depth, holding more water, using less stone, and having a lower overall installed cost.

What keeps the soil from entering the Rainstore3 cells?

The entire Rainstore3 system is wrapped in a geotextile fabric or a PVC liner to keep soil from entering.

What goes below the Rainstore3 system?

A layer of geogrid goes on top of the existing, leveled soils and below the Rainstore3 System.

What goes above the Rainstore3 cells?

A layer of Geogrid and a minimum of 12 inches of compacted roadbase.

How are inlet/outlet pipes attached to Rainstore3?

They are attached by forming a "boot" with the fabric or liner and securing with a hose clamp.

How are the Rainstore3 cells installed?

They are installed by lifting by hand (1 meter or smaller) or using a lifting tool and a back-hoe.

Can Rainstore3 be inspected after it is installed?

Yes, by installing maintenance ports during installation. Download RS3 Maintenance Guide in pdf.

What about silt build-up in Rainstore3?

Silt is prevented from building up in Rainstore3 by using proper pre-filtration, such as catch basins or sediment filters.

What is the product cost of Rainstore3?

ISI can't give an exact price, that has to be done by our manufacture's representative.

What is the installed cost of Rainstore3?

The installing cost varies a lot depending on the size of the installation and geographic location.


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