Gravelpave2 Porous Gravel Paver

Gravelpave2’s Fabric Backing Will Not Separate

Glued? No! Mechanically bonded? No! A proprietary process ONLY available on Gravelpave2? Yes!  Gravelpave2 is the only product in the world with a bonding process where the fabric will never detach from the grid.

Other gravel pavers available on the market may have an attached filter fabric, but it is glued.  The glue breaks down over time causing the fabric to separate from the plastic portion of the paver.  Then, gravel works its way between the fabric and paver eventually “popping” the paver up and ruining the system.

Another competitor has a sieve-like tiny grid on the bottom of their paver in lieu of a fabric backing.  This solution is also prone to failure as the tiny grid becomes brittle over time, weakens, and breaks. Again, the gravel will wedge its way below the paver and “pop” the paver up.

Perhaps even more importantly, pavers that were only intended to support grass, should never be used as a gravel containment paver.  Grass pavers will always fail when used with gravel fill – ordinary use causes the gravel to migrate below the paver through the openings.  Competitors who sell grass pavers as gravel pavers are doing their customers a huge disservice. Always use Grasspave2 for grass paving and Gravelpave2 for gravel paving – these are truly your best options.