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Contact: John Miles

Phone: 440-247-9150

Alt Phone:

Website: http://www.hydrosourcesales.com

Email: sales@hydrosourcesales.com

Brock White Company LLC

Contact: Greg Halverson

Phone: 763-441-2004

Alt Phone: 320-345-0562

Website: http://www.brockwhite.com

Email: ghalverson@brockwhite.com


Contact: Alvin Vargas

Phone: 787-761-7272

Alt Phone:

Website: http://www.saniplant.com

Email: alvin@saniplant.com

Exacta Sales

Contact: Laurence Kometani

Phone: 808-840-1919

Alt Phone:

Website: http://www.exactasales.com

Email: exacta@hawaii.rr.com

Carter Waters

Contact: Sara Drake

Phone: 816-872-3318

Alt Phone: 816-805-9476

Website: http://www.carter-waters.com

Email: sdrake@carter-waters.com


Contact: Andy Gerberich

Phone: 919-809-0186

Alt Phone:

Website: http://www.getsco.net

Email: agerberich@getsco.net

Stetson Building Products, Inc.

Contact: Joel Larson

Phone: (515)-309-0471

Alt Phone:

Website: www.stetsonbuildingproducts.com

Email: joel.larson@stetsons.com

Border Construction Specialties

Contact: Mike Crain

Phone: (602) 437-1900

Alt Phone: (928) 853-6903

Website: www.bordercorp.com

Email: mcrain@bordercorp.com


Contact: John Parrish

Phone: 252-289-7418

Alt Phone: 877-235-5015

Website: http://www.getsco.net

Email: jparrish@getsco.net

Director of Operations

Contact: Invisible Structures

Phone: 303-233-8383

Alt Phone:

Website: www.invisiblestructures.com

Email: sales@invisiblestructures.com

Geoproducts Inc

Contact: Brian Francis

Phone: 313-300-5888

Alt Phone:

Website: http://www.geoproductsinc.com

Email: brian@geoproductsinc.com

Fireplace Stone & Patio

Contact: Jeff Funk

Phone: 402-894-2222

Alt Phone: 800-274-2571

Website: http://www.fireplacestonepatio.com

Email: jfunk@lumbermens.biz

MKM Sales

Contact: Shea Kent

Phone: 409-866-6702

Alt Phone:

Website: http://www.mkmsales.com

Email: shea@mkmsales.com


Contact: Gary Canuso

Phone: 484-886-1204

Alt Phone: 215-333-1144


Email: gary.canuso@ferguson.com

Coleman Moore Company

Contact: Mike Coleman, Mark Moore

Phone: 515-309-5577

Alt Phone: 515-681-8163

Website: http://www.colemanmoorecompany.com

Email: mjcoleman@mchsi.com

ML Harper

Contact: Mike Harper

Phone: 585-738-8168

Alt Phone:

Website: www.mlharperco.com

Email: Michael.harper@mlharperco.com

New England Construction Representatives

Contact: Ralph Morgan

Phone: 617-699-6116

Alt Phone:


Email: rmnecr@comcast.net


Contact: Gray Parrish

Phone: 252-430-4465

Alt Phone:

Website: http://www.getsco.net

Email: gray.parrish@getsco.net