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Easy Driveway

Easy Driveway

Any sharp angular aggregate can be used to customize the look

When undertaking any home or landscaping project one major consideration for homeowners is how long will the project last and the maintenance it will require. No one wants to spend the time, effort and money only to have to revisit the project in the near future or constantly keep up with maintaining it. While some projects are enjoyable to keep up, others are strictly utilitarian.

Changing or creating a driveway is a project that most people want to be efficient, cost effective and long lasting. While concrete has been the traditional choice for driveways, Gravel Porous Pavers have become a more popular choice. While homeowners often choose porous paving to address stormwater issues, they are a practical option for other reasons as well. The ease of installation, minimal maintenance and long lifespan make it an excellent choice.

Flexible Porous Pavers, such as Gravelpave2 can be easily rolled out over a base course. They will provide vehicle support, rapid drainage and a custom aesthetic. The installation can be completed in a single day with minimal labor. Once installed the driveway can be driven on immediately. The flexibility of the pavers allows them to move with the freeze thaw cycle, so unlike concrete which can crack, the surface will remain stable.


A Gravelpave2 Driveway pictured 10 years after installation.

Maintenance on driveways with Gravelpave2 is minimal. Gravel may have to be occasionally added or brushed back in place. A special fabric backing prevents vegetation from growing through so wedding will not be necessary.

Homeowners should be aware that not all porous pavers are created equally. Porous concrete/asphalt paving, paving blocks and rigid pavers lack the flexibility of the flexible porous pavers so they can crack and tip with the freeze thaw cycles causing uneven surfaces. These types of porous pavers will not be as low maintenance.

With a proper basecourse the rings can support any vehicle and will not disintegrate or break down. A Gravelpave2 driveway has a long lifespan, with known intact installations of over 30 years. A homeowner can create a custom driveway that will last a lifetime.

Gravelpave2 driveways can be driven on right away, even before installation is complete.

Gravelpave2 driveways are a beautiful addition to any home.

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