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What types of Rainwater Collection Systems are there?

There are several different types of Rainwater Collection systems. These include rain barrels, concrete storage tanks, arch chambers, milkcrate systems, and other plastic modular systems – such as Rainstore3. These different systems vary in size, cost, ease of installation and water storage/void capacity.

Rain barrels are the least expensive and do not require professional installation. Their capacity is limited by the size of the barrel. Concrete storage tanks are moderate in cost, also limited by their tank size, and require professional installation.

Arch chambers require a sizable installation area and a considerable amount of gravel fill which can be expensive. The void space is 40 – 50%. Milkcrate systems are mid-range in price but require complex assembly, which can add to the cost of labor. Their capacity is unlimited.

Modular plastic storage systems tend to be the highest initial cost but installation is relatively simple. Their capacity is also unlimited. Another benefit to plastic modular systems is the high void capacity and strength – Rainstore3 exceeds H-20 loading.