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Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2

Parking Delineation, Striping, and Marking

It is easy for your site to provide delineation to separate handicapped parking spaces, regular parking spaces, fire lane routes, or for other needs on our Permeable Paver products. You have unlimited options to stripe, mark, or delineate Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 porous pavement systems. Choose your favorite methods based on product, traffic frequency, aesthetics, and function.


Parking Bays/Spaces:

Embedded Bricks, Railroad ties, or Raised Concrete Strips

  • Make the top of the Brick/Concrete/Tie unit slightly higher than the top of the rings. The base course for our products is suitable for the marking units also.
  • Space each unit to be easily seen by drivers.


  • Only recommended for Gravelpave2.
  • May need to be re-painted every 3-5 year depending on traffic.

Pavement Markers

  • The same reflective markers used for asphalt and concrete pavement can be used for our porous pavers.
  • A combination of epoxy and an eight-inch anchor can be used to attach the marker to the rings and base course (different markers may require a modified process for attachment).

Bumper Stops

  • Recycled or Concrete bumper stops easily guide drivers into spaces.

Rocks and Other Durable Landscape Material

  • Keep a natural or rustic look with embedded stones or manufactured landscape pieces.

Fire Lanes & Access Route Marking:

See All of the Above, Plus…
Bushes, Shrubs, or Ground Cover

  • You can frame the perimeter of a fire lane with vegetation separating a reinforced Grasspave2/Gravelpave2 fire lane or access road from other unsupported landscaping.
  • Signs marking the fire lane or utility access road are recommended.

Landscape Lighting

  • A surface mounted uplight or bollard style landscape lighting system can easily direct traffic

Also, see the Fire Lane Detail for suggestions.

A combination of reflecting raised pavement markers and bumper stops line this Gravelpave2 parking lot

Reflective raised pavement markers delineate the parking spots in this Grasspave2 grass paver roadside parking lot
Bricks are embedded inside the Grasspave2 system to delineate spaces in this parking lot.
Grasspave2 is cut and a concrete brick is placed inside a Grasspave2 installation. Notice that the concrete is slightly raised above the top of the rings.