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Hydrogrow Soil Amendment

Hydrogrow is intended to establish your grass faster, increase turf quality (density, color), enhance root development, and reduce nutrient leaching. It increases porosity, infiltration, compaction resistance, and water retention/release characteristics. Hydrogrow is anionic, and is not affected by minerals and salts in soils or water. Hydrogrow is organic. The water absorbing properties will now last the life span of the Grasspave2 system and the hydration will last from 6 to 12 months.
Hydrogrow soil amendment and fertilizer supplies water and nutrients to a Grasspave2 system.


Hydrogrow is a natural soil additive which absorbs water and dissolved nutrients. Components are non-toxic, pH neutral, and very slow to biodegrade. Hydrogrow is anionic, and is not affected by minerals and salts in soils or water.


Plants roots will penetrate the expanded components and remove the moisture and nutrients as needed, responding with rapid growth and more healthy vegetation.

The Humate component provides humus, fertilizer, micronutrients, and starter bacteria for an ideal growth environment for soil bacteria and enzymes to convert NPK fertilizer elements into food for plants.


  • Helps grass root into Grasspave2
  • Water absorption lasts indefinitely
  • Fertilization lasts 6 to 12 month
  • With Grasspave2, balance of water demand with regular turf areas adjacent to Grasspave2 paved areas.
  • Less frequent irrigation, saving water, labor, and operation costs of irrigation equipment.
  • Reduced sod transplanting shock and healthy soil chemistry.
  • More moisture retained in sandy soils.
  • Greater porosity for heavy clay soils.
  • Quick establishment of new plants.
  • Greater utilization of fertilizer applications.