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Project Profile:

28th and Canyon Condominiums

Project Summary

Site needed to keep impervious areas down so Gravelpave2 was chosen in lieu of asphalt for area between garages. A pervious gravel pathway links the garages to the residences lending a “rural feel” to the condo’s courtyard design.


18th and Canyon, Boulder, CO

Install Size

90 m2 (864 sq ft)




Wimmer Landscape

Project Gallery

Looking west, Gravelave2 is level with the garage entrances.
Gray Gravelpave2 for the driveway of this apartment area.
Gravelpave2 matches the design at this apartment complex.
A downspout leads into the Gravelpave2 driveway. A pathway to apartment entrances was also done in Gravelapve2.
A Gravelpave2 path leads to the Gravelpave2 driveway and garage.
For scale: this photo shows the size and color of the gray aggregate in Gravelpave2.
Gray colored Gravelpave2 was used to match the gray stone.