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Project Profile:

A Paradise Creek Nature Park, Phase 1

Project Summary

"Paradise Creek Nature Park will provide the rare opportunity to enjoy arestored Elizabeth River - first-hand. This 40-acre, waterfront park will enhance quality of lifein Portsmouth while inspiring new generations of river stewards through two miles of trailsthrough the region's largest restored wetland, plus one-of-a-kind outdoor sculptures, educationstops, kayaking and more." - from paradisecreekpark.org The Gravelpave2 road will provide access to the 25 car Gravelpave2 parking lot with two ADA parking spaces. The Gravelpave2 road is also a convenient turn-around for dropping off and picking up visitors to the park and trail. Gravelpave2 was used to keep to keep polluted stormwater run-off from the parking lot and road from entering the fragile Elizabeth River - a Chesapeake Bay tributary. Gravelpave2 will filter automobile drips (hydrocarbons) and other pollutants and return the rainwater, cleaned, back into the ground water supply. The Elizabeth River Restoration Project is planning on using Grasspave2 as a porous parking lot on site, in phase 2 of the project. A special thank you goes to Andy Gerberich and GETSco, our partner in Virginia, for helping facilitate the use of Gravelpave2. They were instrumental in helping with designing the system, providing low-cost product, and with technical assistance in installation.


1009 Victoria Blvd, Portsmouth, VA

Install Size

2400 m2 (26,000 sq ft) 


Elizabeth River Restoration Project and Clough Harbour & Assoc. (CHA), Richmond, VA.


Elizabeth River Restoration Project

Project Gallery

Completed Gravelpave2 porous parking lot with visitors.
thank you
Entrance and exit to the parking area.
Entrance and exit to the parking area.
Expanded view of the parking area.
Expanded view of the parking area.
Gravelpave2 at Paradise Creek Park
Gravelpave2 make an entrance/exit and circular road leading to a Gravelpave2 permeable parking lot.
Aerial view of the Gravelpave2 permeable road/parking lot
This aerial photo shows the Gravelpave2 parking lot just north of the turnaround area.
During installation of the porous gravel pavement
The Gravelpave2 has been cut, placed, and anchored. It's now ready for the clean, decorative gravel fill.
Installation of the Gravelpave2 permeable pavement
A worker anchors the Gravelpave2 system to the base course layer.
Plan detail of the Gravelpave2 entrance/exit road.
Plan detail of the Gravelpave2 entrance/exit road.