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Project Profile:

Allen Airways Flying Museum

Project Summary

A great use for Grasspave2 since the museum needs to be attractive and the Airplanes can be moved without problem. Grasspave2, with a proper base course, can support even a DC-10 jet airliner. These small aircraft are no match for the compressive strength. A great design and implementation for Grasspave2.


2020 North Marshall Avenue, El Cajon, CA 92020-1119 (Bldg. is 2021)

Install Size

465 m2 (5,000 sq ft)


Allen Airways Flying Museum


Allen Airways Flying Museum

Project Gallery

Grasspave2 driveway for air plane access from the side of this red building.
Around the corner from the previous photo view, you can see how the wall opens up so that this museum air plane can drive out onto the Grasspave2 area and to the runway.
Here you can see more of the access over Grasspave2.
There are two strips of Grasspave2 on the other side of this building on either side of the sidewalk beyong the car.
Grasspave2 is used on both sides of this concrete taxi way.