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Project Profile:

Aquaponics Greenhouse Garden – San Bernadino County Museum

Project Summary

From Architect Anthony Palmisano: "…the project is the construction of a greenhouse to house an aquaponics system, including fish tanks and planting beds, at the San Bernardino County Museum. The greenhouse and the aquaponics system will serve as functioning exhibit of aquaponics at the museum, as well as the first project undertaken jointly by IECG and the veterans organization Serving Proud Industries (SPI). We would love to use Gravelpave[2] inside the greenhouse to provide a stable surface for both the work of maintaining the system, and the visitor traffic as a result of this project being an exhibit at the museum. The area inside the greenhouse is 288 square feet, and the area we would use your product of approximately 200 square feet. The entire project is volunteer built.."


2024 Orange Tree Lane, Redlands, Ca 92374-4560

Install Size

20 sq meters (216 sq ft)


Architect Anthony Palmisano


Volunteers for the project

Project Gallery

Gravelpave2 Flooring
Volunteers anchor Gravelpave2 to the ground.
Gravelpave2 Greenhouse Flooring
Gravelpave2 will provide a firm floor surface for the greenhouse.
Gravelpave2 flooring
Approximately 200 sq ft of Gravelpave2 was used throughout the Greenhouse.
Leveling the sub base.
Prior to Gravelpave2 installation, the ground was leveled.
Gravelpave2 Rolls
Two rolls of Gravelpave2 were donated to the project. Veterans will work the food producing greenhouse while adjusting back to civilian life.