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Project Profile:

Austin Capitol Grounds Sculptures

Project Summary

Grasspave2 was used to prevent compaction of the grass around the statues.


Austin Capitol, 15th Street, Austin, TX

Install Size

30 m2 (300 sq ft)




State Facilities Department

Project Gallery

Grass Paver was installed to mitigate grass compaction around the sculptures using Grasspave2.
Grasspave2 was used around these popular statues to help the grass grow well even with many visitors.
Pervious Paving was installed around the sculptures to mitigate grass compaction by pedestrians using Grasspave2.
Overall view of Capitol grounds showing location of the bronze statues.
Permeable Pavers were installed around the sculptures on the Capital lawn using Grasspave2.
Tribute to Texas plaque explaining the children sculptures. Grasspave2 is used all around this area.
Porous Paving was installed around the sculptures using Grasspave2.
The bronze statues take center stage while Grasspave2 is an invisible part of the presentation.