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Project Profile:

Bay Front Park

Project Summary

Bay Front Park sits between the Intracoastal Bay and Downtown Miami. It is on the same grounds as the Bayside Shopping Center, near the Shipping Port of Miami. The Gravelpave2 is adjacent to the seawall on the East end of Park. It is part of the sandy beach area. Gravelpave2 was filled with a stone aggregate, then topped with a layer of beach sand to simulate a beach environment. It is accessed by pedestrians, small utility carts as well as large emergency vehicles.


301 North Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

Install Size

150 m2 (1600 sq ft)


Dick Rogers of Curtis & Rogers 3250 Mary Street, Suite 301, Coconut Grove, Miami, Fl  33133 305 442-1774


Pablo Gonzalez With Concrete Works & Pavers 305 256-5699

Project Gallery

Gravelpave2 filled with aggregate and topped with sand to blend in with the beach.The Fire lane is expanded with the use of Gravelpave2.
The Entrance to Bay Front Park.