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Project Profile:

BB&T Bank

Project Summary

As the address implies, this is not far from the Atlantic Ocean. The water table is high, and the only stormwater storage solution was Rainstore3. Located in three areas on the site, only one of the three had a sufficient elevation to stack two units high, leaving the others at one single level of Rainstore3. Without Rainstore3, this bank could not have been built on this site.


857 Folly Beach Rd. Folly Beach, SC

Install Size

838 units of Rainstore3





Project Gallery

First layer of geogrid (bottom layer).
Non-woven fabric is seamed with polybutyl caulk to mitigate silt infiltration
Second layer of geogrid placed on top of this single layer of 400 Rainstore units
Plastic Sheetrock Bullnose piece attached, using plastic ties, along raw edge of geogrid to prevent piercing of non-woven geo-fabric.