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Project Profile:

Big Branch Marsh Wildlife Refuge

Project Summary

Gravelpave2 was used to reinforce the trails and reduce erosion. The trails are also wheelchair and stroller accessible. The Refuge’s Management goals are stated: Efforts are being taken to protect and manage habitat for the future through preservation, enhancement, and restoration of this valuable wetland and pine flatwoods ecosystem.


61389 Hwy 434 - south off I-12 on Hwy 434

Install Size

2800 m2 (30,000 sq ft)




Progressive Construction

Project Gallery

Tan Gravelpave2 was used to match the tan/earth colored gravel fill.
2800 square meters (30,000 sq ft) of tan Gravelpave2 was used to reinforce the trails. Gravelpave2 helps minimize the developed impact by remaining porous and reducing erosion.
Signs throughout the Refuge tell of the conservation efforts to protect the native animal and plant species.