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Project Profile:

C Street and Harthorn in Fillmore

Project Summary

The off-street green strip of Grasspave2 reinforced grass has multi-uses. Primarily this area receives overflow stormwater off the asphalt paved street. By having a porous grass surface, the hydrocarbons from asphalt and vehicle exhaust are collected in the grass where bio-organisms break down the pollutants. Grass also will collect silt and dust. Some if not most of the stormwater will filter to subsoils and replenish the aquifers for a good point source solution to stormwater management. Since the area is reinforced with Grasspave2 mats over a gravel base course, cars can be parked on the grass and emergency vehicles can drive over the surface.


C Street for three blocks starting at Harthorn, Fillmore, CA

Install Size

600 m2 (6,460 sq ft), 400 m2 (4305 sq ft), 440 (4740 sq ft)


City of Fillmore


John Vandergeest Landscaping, 3529 Old Canejo Road, Ste. 121, Newbury Park, CA  91230

Project Gallery

Look for the grass strip combined with the large boulders to find the Grasspave2 installation. This area is lower than the street to allow stormwater to shed onto the grass where it will be cleaned, hydrocarbons trapped and broken down by bio-organisms, silt collected and rain water will return to the earth at the point it falls.
Grasspave2 is used to stabilize the off street parking and to provide a filter for sediment and hydrocarbons so that stormwater is cleaner and there is less of it.
Grasspave2 is used to stabilize the road shoulder and to allow grass to filter out hydrocarbons and road dust from the asphalt during rain storms. Notice there is a bit of a swale.
Notice that there is no street curbing here. Grasspave2 is used for collecting shed stormwater off the street through filtering through the cross section. Any excess that isn't absorbed right on site into the grass, is collected in the storm inlet shown here. Grasspave2 road design will reduce runoff.
Grasspave2 is also strong for off-street parking.
Grasspave2 lined streets are not only practical for stormwater management and off-street parking but they are beautiful lawn areas that enhance a community.
Combining all the advantages of stormwater filtration on site, reducing runoff, off-street parking, and beautification, to make a lot of positive reasons for using Grasspave2 for road shoulders, here's another reason. Fire trucks and maintenance vehicles can use this Grasspave2 reinforced paving choice too.