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Project Profile:

Canyon Springs Golf Course

Project Summary



150 Evans, San Antonio, TX 78258

Install Size

1550 m2 (16,685 sf)




Colorado Lining Company, 1062 Singing Hills Road, Parker, CO 80134

Project Gallery

Erosion Control was achieved by using Slopetame2 around the edges of the pond.
Slopetame2 protects the shoreline.
Soil stabilization was achieved around the pond by using Slopetame2.
Vegetation can grow in the rings of Slopetame2.
Erosion control mats were installed to achieve erosion control using Slopetame2.
Sand and soil is protected from erosion from the pond with Slopetame2.
Soil stabilization mats were installed for erosion control around the pond using Slopetame2.
Rings are slightly visible in this photo.