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Project Profile:

Carlsbad Medical Office Building

Project Summary

This parking lot integrated Gravelpave2 stalls with the main driving aisles in asphalt. Gravelpave2 was filled with 5/16th inch gravel. Parking bays were identified by small striping on the asphalt.


3144 El Camino Real

Install Size

380 m2 (4000 sq ft)


Carlsbad Medical Office Building



Project Gallery

Gravelpave2 porous pavement meets impervious asphalt.
This was a good mix of large asphalt aisles with Gravelpave2 bays.
The asphalt was stripped to identify the parking stalls. Customers and visitors do a good job of utilizing the lines.
Decorative curb planters add a nice touch to the parking area and delineate the fire access.
The entry sign for the complex.