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Project Profile:

Chateau Waters Senior Housing

Project Summary

Grasspave2 was installed on both sides of a bituminous trail. Eight foot trails are not wide enough for emergency-access fire lanes. By incorporating Grasspave2 into the design, the owner has reduced the impervious surface coverage.


960 19th St South, Sartell, MN 56377

Install Size

950 m2 (10,250 sq ft)




J.R. Ferche, Inc

Project Gallery

This photo, taken in October 2016, shows the completed installation with healthy grass growing on the Grasspave2 system.
Prior to Grasspave2 being installed, the asphalt trail was poured, and the area designated for widening was prepared.
Grasspave2 was rolled out and shaped by cutting.  Cutting can be done with heavy-duty scissors. However, in this case, a saw was used to speed up the process.
Extra pieces of Grasspave2 were moved to conform to the final shape of the fire lane.
Both sides of the asphalt trail were widened with Grasspave2.
Sand being raked into the void-space of Grasspave2.
Grasspave2 intersects a sidewalk.  Placing the Grasspave2 level to adjacent paving will reduce wear on both surfaces making for an easy walking/driving transition.