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Project Profile:

Chelsea Green Apartments

Project Summary

This is a straight forward Grasspave2 installation used by emergency vehicles. Apartment residents enjoy the lawn area in front of their units as open space, a yard, and the low heat reflectivity off the grass is a great bonus for keeping air conditioning costs down.


899 Darwin Avenue, Saanich, Victoria, BC

Install Size

170 m2 (1800 sq ft)





Project Gallery

This fire lane enters off the street shown with the row of cars on the left, through the removable bollards on the asphalt apron onto the grass shown here to the left of the retaining wall and going from the foreground to the distant mound.
This is a view from the distant mound looking back toward the asphalt apron ramp. Grasspave2 is used in the entire grass area shown here.
This is a detail shot of the removable bollards which also show the no parking sign on the center bollard.