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Project Profile:

City Marina Park

Project Summary

The City wanted the area to remain as “green” as possible while providing a drivable surface to the manhole cover. An erosion blanket was used over the Grasspave2 and they managed to achieve the result of having a green space area along the new creek.


Trinity Bellwoods Park, Barrie, Ontario

Install Size

120 m2 (1,931 sq ft)




Clearway Construction

Project Gallery

120 square meters (1,291 sq ft) of Grasspave2 was placed to reinforce the access drive.
Sand in the ring and grid structure of Grasspave2
The sand if filled level to the top of the rings.
Manhole near the rocks along the creek … lane in the middle of the picture
Photo taken from the manhole. This image show the erosion blanket netting - used in lleu of seeding or sodding.
Taken from the parking lot, manhole at the to of th photo. Again, visible is the erosion blanket.
Parking area on the left … manhole on the right along creek. (Grasspave lane in the middle of the picture).