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Project Profile:

City of Calgary Shoulder Reinforcement

Project Summary

Problem: Drivers in Calgary jump curbs on either the right or left side of intersections to access turn lanes during rush hour grid lock. These vehicles over time wear off the grass, eventually wearing deep ruts into the shoulder and exposing the concrete curb - thus creating hazard for drivers & vehicles The City of Calgary was looking for a solution for this city-wide problem. Solution: Brock White / AGES did the complete design, construction and installation. First, we excavated out existing materials to allow us to create a 22" compacted base for this section with geogrid & geotextile for separation & strength. Then we installed the Grasspave2, and also the sand & fertilizer. Finally we laid the sod. This test section is in the major industrial area of South Calgary, at a very high volume intersection. The City plans to monitor the performance of this section for the winter.



Install Size

240 m2 (2500 sq ft)


Contact: Aaron Rennie Technical Sales AGES - A Division of Brock White Canada 403.204.3322 (office) 403.204.3320 (fax)


AGES/Brock-White Canada

Project Gallery

Rutting caused by traffic jumping the curbs.
Dead grass caused by compaction of the roots.
Excavation begins on the Grasspve2 reinforced shoulder.
Base course has been placed and workers unroll and snap together the Grasspave2.
Sod is placed on top of the sand filled Grasspave2 rings.
The completed shoulder is ready for heavy traffic loads.
The City of Calgary will be monitoring the project for possible future use of Grasspave2.