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Project Profile:

Clark Residence

Project Summary

Porous driveway of Gravelpave2 in the Chesapeake Bay region will not add any hydrocarbons from asphalt to the bay. Water quality is a concern in this area and many owners have some form of porous drive.



Install Size

330 m2 (3,510 sq ft)





Project Gallery

Aggregrate Paving was installed in the driveway of this residence in Chesapeake Bay using Gravelpave2.
The Chesapeake Bay region restricts impermeable surfaces and is perfect for Gravelpave2.
Pervious pavers were installed in the driveway of this home using Gravelpave2.
The owner recommends that a good edging be used to keep the grass from growing onto the GV2 driveway. She also finds it necessary to remove stray weeds that find a home.