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Project Profile:

Clift’s Cove

Project Summary

This is a high-end residential “life style” community with lakes, pools and walking trails. David K. Buschmann states “our goal is to create a community that is nature’s perfection, so we wanted the drainage to be as natural as possible with no rip rap.” Rings served to slow down storm water and collect suspended soils. The area has filled in with grass vegetation seeded in late spring 1999. A combination of products were used - coir rolls, coconut blankets, and Slopetame2. First a depression was cut crosswise to the slope to contain the coir rolls for periodic “check dams,” then the coconut blankets were installed the length of each channel. The Slopetame2 was pinned in place, over the blankets, using the anchors provided, plus some U clips where the mats were cut into wedges for turning. Coir rolls were laid on top in the trench depressions (see photos) and anchored.


985 Hughes Road, Madison, AL 35758

Install Size

1500 m2 +


Enfinger Development, Inc., owner


Enfinger Development, Inc. (Owner Installed), November 1998 and February 1999. Contact David K. Buschmann 256-722-8995. MCCA, Inc. Distributor Assistance

Project Gallery

Erosion Control and soil stabilization were achieved at Clift’s Cove, Madison, Alabama, using Slopetame2.
Combination of coir rolls, coconut blankets, and Slopetame2 was used to slow down storm water on steep hills, and trap suspended soils. As of January 2000, the rings are filled with vegetation.
Erosion-Control Mats were installed for soil stabilization on this slope using Slopetame2.
Slopetame2 installation in a swale on the north side of the entrance is used instead of rip rap until it reaches the pond embankment where rip rap is shown. Erosion of soils in the swale is prevented while vegetation gets started. Construction sediment is collected before entering the pond.