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Project Profile:

Culinary Institute of the Pacific

Project Summary

The Culinary Institute of the Pacific at Diamond Head and the University of Hawaii needed fire lane access to their new facility, The designers at Ki Concepts had the perfect solution – Grasspave2. Grasspave2 allows for an all grass area that can support the load of an 80,000 fire truck.


4303 Diamond Head Road, Honolulu, HI 96816

Install Size

880 m2 (8,390 sq ft)


Ki Concepts


Green Thumb Incorporated

Project Gallery

Hydroseeding  is placed on top of the Grasspave2 and sand during the installation process.
The sand was wetted down prior to spraying the Hydroseeding on the Grasspave2.
Sand fill in the Grasspave2 area is nearly complete.
This photo shows sand being placed in the Grasspave2 rings.
Grasspave2 was placed on the base material and is shown being filled with sand.
The new Culinary Institute sign.