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Project Profile:

Dallas Residence

Project Summary

Since the property boarders on three city streets, two streets could be used for off-street parking. The owners have frequent parties where guests have used this new off-street parking. There are no curbs and gutters in this development, so the Grasspave2 was laid directly up to the asphalt street surfacing. Used in this manner, the Grasspave2 parking lot provides a nice boarder around the residence without any dominating appearance. Many home owners are very generous to give us permission to post their Grasspave2 installations on our project list. In turn, we promise to keep their information confidential. Please do not try to locate jobs where we have not published the name or address. Editor’s note: It is important to make sure that information on how to care for Grasspave2 is passed on to facility managers. Please see the maintenance information located in the white paper section of this web site.



Install Size

970 m2 (10,440 sq ft)





Project Gallery

Permeable Pavers were installed in the off-street parking areas of a Dallas residence using Grasspave2.
Off-street parking, outside the perimeter fencing.
Pervious Pavers were installed in off-street parking areas at a Dallas residence using Grasspave2.
Generous beds of vegetation with fencing indented near the corners provide good site distance for turning cars and attractive parking delineation.
Turf Pavement was installed in off-street parking areas using Grasspave2.
Mature trees across the street provide afternoon shade for car parking on this long strip of Grasspave2. Another long lane of parking is located on the opposite side of the property perimeter.
Porous Paver was installed in off-street parking areas at a Dallas, Texas, home using Grasspave2.
Side entrance gate is flanked by Grasspave2.