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Project Profile:

Darien Library LEED™ Gold Project

Project Summary

Looking for LEED™ accreditation, Stearns and Wheeler Engineering chose Rainstore3 for it's recycled content to earn points. Plus, Rainstore3 had the added benefit of its efficiency for more build-able land space. Contractors,Durante Construction, found Rainstore3 easy to install with no special equipment required. The project resulted in the library receiving Gold LEED™ certification from the USGBC andthe contractor and designer using Rainstore3 in the Royalton Ban, Darien, CT—3,060 units.


1441 Post Rd  Darien, CT 06820

Install Size

330 m3 (3,300 units) to hold 10,900cf/83,500 gals


Stearns & Wheeler/Rocky Hill, CT


Durante Construction

Project Gallery

Rainstore3 Water Deteniton System
Workers guide the Rainstore3 stacks into the chamber.
Rainstore3 Stacks
Rainstore3 stacks sit on site, ready to be loaded into the excavated chamber.
Excavator loads Raistore3
The same piece of equipment used to excavate the chamber is used to load the Rainstore3 stacks saving on equipment costs.
Rainstore3 detention system
Stacks of Rainstore3 are aligned in the chamber to the final configuration.
Geogrid goes on the Rainstore3
Workers begin to affix the geogrid to top of the Rainstore3.
Geogrid on Rainstore3 detention system
A slight overlap of the geogrid to its neighbor prevent gaps.