Project Profile:

Disc Golf Tee Pads (Boxes)

Project Summary

The area with the most traffic and thus the most grass wear on a disc golf course, are the tee boxes. The HOA used Terratame2 as reinforcement on the tee boxes to prevent wear and erosion.



Install Size

160 m2 (1600 sq ft)





Project Gallery

erosion control on a tee box for frisbee golf
Grass will grow through the openings of Terratame2.
Disc golf tee box erosion control mat, Terratame2
The tee pads (boxes) are subject to compaction and wear.  Terratame2 will protect the area and mitigate the problems.
Erosion control mat for disc golf tee
Strips of Terratame2 were used at each of the tee pads.
Protecting a disc golf tee pad.
Terratame2 has Tru-Grip® protection and will provide players with better traction when teeing off.
Grass protection on a frisbee golf tee pad
Terratame2 will protect the grass roots from compaction.
Protecting a disc golf tee box with Terratame2
In areas where more wear and erosion have occured, multiple strips of Terratame2 were used.
Erosion control mat protecting a disc golf tee box
Terratame2 with it's dual color - brown and green, will become virtually hidden by the next growing season.