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Project Profile:

Dog Run – Private Residence

Project Summary

The owners wanted to protect the side yard and to let the pet waste drain easily. Gravelpave2 accomplished this. There is a nice difference between the gravel in the product and the larger gravel on the sides. The two sizes of stone are the same color.



Install Size

150 sq ft





Project Gallery

Reinforced dog run with Gravelpave2
Photo of the dog run 5 years after installation. The section looks remains intact even with a large breed shepherd calling the area home.
The Gravelpave2 was fanned out for the entry to the side of the house.
Two sizes of stone were used: smaller stone to fill the Gravelpave2 and larger stone. The smaller stone is more comfortable for the dogs’ paws. The larger stone was used for contrast and variety.
The gravel fill blends nicely with the Arizona landscape.
The Gravelpave2 is level to the top of the concrete patio. Making for a smooth transition.
Rings show slightly in this installation. This is normal and expected.