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Project Profile:

Dupont Center

Project Summary

This is one of our first jobs in Irvine and it was the pivotable project that helped us get fire department approval in Irvine and other cities in Southern California. Photo 3 shows fire department testing of the system. Invisible Structures’ Cofounder, Bill Bohnhoff, went to the site along with our representative since 1983 Al Lastuck who was amazed to see the 100 foot ladder truck fully supported on its outriggers setting on our product filled with sand and over top of base course. This was an exciting day in the history of our company.


Irvine, CA

Install Size

Approx. 300 m2 (3400 sq ft)





Project Gallery

View of fire lane that is delineated with flush concrete curbing and a row of trees next to the building.
Brochure photo and also the alignment of photos taken at the time of testing the strength of GP2 (then known as Ritterings, 3” rings glued onto netting).
Fire department testing of Grasspave2 with sand-filled rings to determine stability of outriggers when ladder was extended (testing and photo 1991).