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This was one of our first major installations in Colorado. The product used was Ritterings (3” PVC pipe cut into 1” high rings and hand glued onto netting). Eleven-One-Eleven firelane was designed to also triple as a detention basin with down spouts draining into the firelane reinforced grass area, and light recreation in the backyards of condos. Bill Bohnhoff, Vice President of Invisible Structures, performed much of the installation - base course preparation and laying of the mats. This project is still functioning well. On the other side of the fence, the church property next door has an asphalt parking lot. Over the years, the asphalt has aged poorly and been resurfaced, while the grass firelane has maintained its beauty with only irrigation, natural fertilizers, and mowing. We should have conducted a side-by-side cost comparison because it seems obvious to us that the asphalt has been more expensive to maintain.


11111 East Alameda, Aurora, CO

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Porous Pavement was installed in the fire lane access areas using Grasspave2.
The break away gate in the distance is accessed off Alameda Avenue. Note the concrete curbing for holding stormwater in the detention basin/grass firelane area.
Grass Pavers were installed in the fire lane access areas using Grasspave2.
Photo taken 7 years after top photo. Photo taken from the Alameda Avenue direction. The grass firelane is also used as a backyard for the residents whose patio doors open onto this area. If this area had been paved with asphalt, the reflective heat would have been considerable.