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Project Profile:

Entryway to Clearwater Beach

Project Summary

Clearwater Beach is a popular area for enjoying the water, sand, restaurants, shops, and local entertainment. The congestion of so much traffic was improved by building a roundabout, wide sidewalks, and convenient parking areas. Grasspave2 was used to improve the wearability of grass in this high traffic area on both sides of the highway leading toward the fountain in the middle of the roundabout.


Causeway Blvd., State Road 60

Install Size

1,860 m2 (20,022 sq ft)


City of Clearwater, Public Works


David Nelson Construction Company, 3483 Alternate Hwy 19, Palm Harbor, FL 34683

Project Gallery

Grass Reinforcement Mat was used in the walkways at the entryway to Clearwater Beach, Clearwater, Florida, using Grasspave2.
View of Highway 60 traffic coming toward the roundabout. Grass is reinforced next to the street on both sides.
Pervious Pavers were installed along the walkways using Grasspave2.
Fountain is located in the center of the roundabout and pedestrian areas curve following the road.
Permeable pavers were installed along the walkways using Grasspave2.
Wide sidewalks and Grasspave2 reinforced grass gives plenty of room for maintenance vehicles.
Turf Reinforcement was installed along the walkways using Grasspave2.
Brick paving was used at crossing points where the pedestrian traffic would be at a high level. There is a limit to what amount of daily traffic grass can withstand.