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Project Profile:

Freedom Village

Project Summary

The retirement facility is built in a V shape with an inner area which has emergency fire lane access via a lane in the back that goes along the side of the grass landscape. The straw that was used during the construction helped the GP2 retain the water and provide quick growth to the Grasspave2 installation. This installation of GP2 provides a concealed fire safety access. Dave used the 2520 model of Grasspave2 and was done on time without any delays. One of the most important parts of Grasspave2 is that it comes in rolls. That alone saved C.M. Jones a couple of hours in cost. The GC on the job gave the contractor a phenomenal thank you letter. The letter focused on how punctual and how careful C.M Jones was of the existing new construction. This was a great project to be a part of and Warfel Construction Company wants to have C.M. Jones apart of these types of jobs in the future.


15 Freedom Blvd., West Brandywine, PA  19320

Install Size

500 m2 (5300 sq ft)


LittleJohn Engineering


C.M. Jones, Inc. 960 East Swedesford Rd. Exton, Pa. 19341 610-644-7224 www.cmjonesinc.com

Project Gallery

C.M. Jones arrives onsite on day 1 of the job. As stated in the Summary, C.M. Jones was flawless in clean-up and not disturbing any of the new landscaping.
The excavation was done and the base material was added. We then added the hydro-grow mix. The Width was approximately 8.5 ft. As you can see there were many landscaping obstacles and not much room to maneuver trucks.
Laying out the Grasspave2 was quick and easy because the materials are provided in rolls.
The sharp clean sand was dumped and easily leveled out with a few rakes.
Straw or Straw Matting is sometimes used on these installations because it may be hard to retain moisture and water. Other times just for erosion control purposes.
The grass has started to grow in nice and thick.
A few more weeks and the grass will have grown completely.