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Project Profile:

George Brummer Park

Project Summary

The Grasspave2 was chosen to provide a concealed fire lane. The fire lane, designed by Bermello & Ajamil, is hidden from view as a grass surface. The 6,000 sq ft of Grasspave2 which runs from the street, across the sidewalk, and down the sidewalk corridor, provides the site its fire safety access needs.


1221 S. Powerline Rd

Install Size

590 m2 (6,000 sq ft) 


Bermello & Ajamil, Miami, FL



Project Gallery

George Brummer Park Grass Porous Fire Lane
The Grasspave2 fire lane runs from the street on the left, and flanks the sidewalk on the right.
George Bremmer Park Grass Porous Fire Lane
Providing additional width as a paved area, the Grasspave2 extends the width of the concrete sidewalk.