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Project Profile:

Gypsy Wagon Parking

Project Summary

We did the porous paving because our yard is flat as a pancake, and our basement has had some water issues (we flooded a bit during the hurricane). We were concerned that if we used standard paving to get a turnaround in the backyard, the water would go in the basement. And, we didn't want to look out our den window at a lot of asphalt.



Install Size

60 m2 (650 sq ft) 





Project Gallery

Gypsy Wagon ready for Grasspave2
The Gypsy Wagon that needs a turn-around and parking space.
Grasspave2 grass pervious paver driveway and turnaround
Landscape contractors unroll and position the Grasspave2 structure.
The Grasspave2 structure is ready for the sand
The sand is placed inside the Grasspave2 rings and ready to be spread.
Straw mulch in the grass seeding step for Grasspave2 pervious pavement
Straw mulch is used to cover the newly seeded area and hold moisture for germination.