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Project Profile:

Harvard Westlake Middle School

Project Summary

Due to limited working space the Rainstore3 was installed in two steps. Approximately half the area was excavated and then the Rainstore3 units were installed. Once the first section was covered the 2nd half was excavated. The units were placed and covered. Once construction of the school is completed the area over the Rainstore3 will be landscaped.


700 North Faring Rd., Beverly Hills, CA

Install Size

3,300 units - 11,654 ft3


Jeffery M. Kalban & Associates


Blois Construction

Project Gallery

The excavated area is leveled and ready for Rainstore3 installation.
Geogrid is placed.
Geotextile fabric is placed and ready for geogrid
View of the entire chamber.
An access port pipe is placed tall enough for the cover and final landscaping.
Compacting the side fill in lifts around the Rainstore3.
Workers connect the inlet/outlet pipes to the chamber.