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Project Profile:

Heights Pumping Station #72

Project Summary

Photographs were only permitted through the fence The old historical reservoir was built in 1928 to hold 75,000 gallons. The capacity requirements are higher in the area and so the site was turned into a pumping station.


449 West 19th St, Houston, TX 77081

Install Size

350 m2 (3768 sq ft)




LEM Construction

Project Gallery

Grass Pavement was installed at Heights Pumping Station #72 using Grasspave2.
Front gate with the historical bronze plaque. The first parking area is directly behind this building.
Turf Reinforcement was installed using Grasspave2.
View of first parking area behind the building shown in Photo #1. Vehicles drive between these two buildings to an open area with the second parking on the left.
Pervious Pavement was installed in parking areas using Grasspave2.
Second parking area that could be accessed by the north gate, but the westerly one between the buildings is the most frequented entrance.
Turf Reinforcement was installed in parking areas using Grasspave2.
With camera positioned between the post bars, you get a better look at the parking area with the old historical 75,000 gallon reservoir building on the right.