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Project Profile:

JF Shea Therapeutic Riding Center

Project Summary

The Shea center has served the disabled community with their therapeutic horse back riding programs. To meet a growing need for their services, a new facility will allow the center to expand from 200 riders per week to 400, approximately. Gravelpave2 was applied to specific areas for emergency access. The tan Gravelpave2 mat system was filled with decomposed granite–thus assisting in the reduction of ruts and potholes. The rolls (Model 2020) were used throughout the installation for a less time consuming installation.


26284 Oso Road

Install Size

2200 m2 (24,000 sq ft)


Hunsaker & Associates, Engineering


Freiss Construction

Project Gallery

Workers anchor the Gravelpave2 in using a pneumatic hammer.
Installed Gravelpave2 in the foreground and uninstalled rolls (model 2020) in the background.
Finished Gravelpave2 area just outside of the stalls.
Utility and emergency access using Gravelpave2.
Gravelpave2 is strong enough for automobiles and occasional horse traffic.
The Center provides therapeutic horse back riding programs.
The Gravelpave2 will reduce the rutting and erosion caused by the point load of the horses.